Friday, October 12, 2012

Happy birthday ... now you are one

Today was the cats' first birthday; a red letter day and easy to remember because it was my parents' wedding anniversary.  For a birthday present I gave them one of those feeder things which they have to work to get their food from.  Parsifal is orally fixated and is getting fat; Poppy is a little plump.

Parsifal, naturally, has worked out how to get food from it but I am a little concerned about Poppy who really hasn't got the idea yet.  I might have to slip her a little something on the side but neither of them wanted their 'salmon in seafood sauce'  so either they have fur balls or Poppy has managed to get enough from the feeder.

They are both losing their winter coats and I have bought them one of those glove things which they love, particularly Parsifal who likes all things sensual.  Poppy needed to be very lightly restrained for the first few sessions but enjoys it now.

Things which I have learnt since I got the cats:
  • Never leave anything long and soft around (string, cord, ribbons etc) or Parsifal will eat it
  • Turn all the fliptop rubbish bins to the wall; Parsifal can open them and likes to inspect the contents.  The bathroom one contains used dental floss  - see point 1.
  • Check all drawers and cupboards before closing them and count heads just to be sure
  • Always back out the front door to repel the cats when they try to come out with me
  • Don't bother trying to keep them off the kitchen benches; it is a waste of time
  • Keep a bowl of water in the shower recess and top it up with warm water whenever I have a shower
  • It is impossible to grow plants on my balcony as Parsifal eats them
  • Be aware at all times where Poppy has hidden her favourite toy
There are more but I can't think of anything else at present.

I am off to Sydney in a couple of weeks for B1's 50th birthday and the cats will be going back to their breeder for a few days.  The whole family will be turning up and she has asked my brother and sister-in-law, niece, nephew and their partners and Uncle John Cobbly and all as far as I can see.  Hopefully I will be able to catch up with Cousin H for morning coffee while I am there.

With the time difference and 'summer time' over east it is going to be a long haul with me leaving home before 7.00am and arriving in Sydney in the late afternoon after a 4.5 hour flight.  Coming back is better; we arrive back almost as soon as we leave Sydney.

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