Tuesday, July 29, 2014

The big six-wheeler, Scarlet Painted, Transperth Transport ...

I have given away my car in exchange for a donation to a charity of my choice and am now exploring the intricacies of the public transport system.  I have used the trains for many years; they run on finite tracks and stop at every station (except the express trains at peak hour) so I have always been confident that I will arrive at my destination ... but buses have no such restrictions and only stop if someone indicates that they want to get on or off.  And you have to plan your journey  -  or take a taxi  -  if you want to get creative about your destination.  At least it is free if you choose your times.

My poor little car was sitting on Level 4 collecting dust.  Someone was even rude enough to draw hearts and Mickey Mouse faces on the bonnet and I was feeling guilty about the state of her battery.  When I started having to open the door with the key I realised that something needed to be done  -  so she now has a new home and a new owner.

I finally finished knitting and sewing up the Beastly Black and it has turned out to be a rather nice jacket which actually fits me.  I do not want to wear it until I have photographed it so I am waiting for Friday when D2 and I are having morning tea and hopefully I can persuade her to model it for me.

I am now knitting the Rosewood into a Sloppy Joe and spinning the Kathy's Fibres fibre club offering which kept breaking as it has rather short staple. So I am processing it on my blending board, separating the colours as best I can and spinning it 'woollen' which is turning out a bit rough in places so it will be a novelty yarn and is destined to be a scarf.  I have almost finished the first half of the red section but my hands are tired and my thumbs are sore so I am having a break.  Today is a Fast Day so I can't take any anti-inflamatories and I don't want the lingering scent of liniment on the finished scarf.

I will post photos of the Beastly Black, the Rosewood knitting and the Minestrone spinning in due course.

Here is the Minestrone before I interfered with it.  Click on the picture to enlarge it.

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