Friday, July 18, 2014

I have finished spinning the Rosewood braids at last

This morning I plied off the last of the Rosewood colourway braids after a marathon spinning effort yesterday.  I seem to be spinning thinner and thinner so I am going to end up with more than enough for a sweater and probably a scarf, mittens and beanie as well.  I am going to be knitting it for longer than I took to spin it at this rate.  And D3 gave me ten braids of BFL and silk for my birthday so that will be another long term project.

I still have the aubergine bump which I plan to spin woollen and thicker on my treadle wheel but she is out of commission at the moment, waiting for some leather thonging to re-attach her footman to her treadle, as the heavy cotton string snapped and it doesn't seem useful to replace it with more of the same.

I had to abandon the babies for 24 hours, albeit with lots of food, a filled water fountain and extra litter trays, while I went into hospital to be prepped for a routine colonoscopy.  It was all clear so I don't have to go through it again for at least five years  -  thank goodness.  But a word to the wise  -  when planning to have a colonoscopy don't eat kale!!!  Anyone who has ever had to do the prep will know that one is expected to monitor the results and I got the impression that the kale from the kale and lentil soup which I had eaten a couple of days before was clinging grimly to my insides and only reluctantly allowing itself to be dislodged.

 TMI?  Probably ...

If Firefox will allow it, here is a photo of all that Rosewood.  Click on the picture to enlarge it. 


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