Sunday, June 29, 2014

I've finished the back of the Beastly Black

This morning I finished knitting the back of the 'Beastly Black Corriedale" jacket, the fibre of which I started spinning last October.  I have only got the sleeves to knit and they will be easy and relatively fast as they are mostly stocking stitch, unlike the reams and reams of ribbing which I had to do for the front and back.

I am also about to start spinning braid 12 of the 'Rosewood' colourway for a plain, V-necked, raglan sleeved sweater.  Having, in my dewy youth knitted a mixed colour sweater (two strands, one light and one dark) I know that mixed colour ribbing can look awful so I have purchased one braid of Metro Brown from  and will knit the ribbing mainly in the Metro Brown with a stripe of Rosewood to pull it all together.  I am putting off spinning the Metro Brown so that I will finish spinning the Rosewood before I start knitting.

Having handed over my car to Herself yesterday I no longer feel as though I have cut my right hand off.  Yesterday morning was hard for me; it is such a lifestyle change to be carless after all these years but I know that I have the option of buying another car if I need the security. However, since I can't drive a night any more and I have the bus and train so close I can use taxis if I need to go anywhere off the beaten track.

I phoned the taxi company this morning and changed my pickup place as for some reason they had me living about a kilometre away.  I also confirmed that I can use a taxi to take the babies to the vet as long as I ask for an 'animal friendly' cab.  That means that I don't have to stop using the Cottesloe Animal Hospital, one of the main reasons I wanted to keep the car.  I have been using the Cottesloe vets for 50 years and they are one of the best  clinics in the State so I was reluctant to change to the Claremont Clinic.

Here is a photo I took for the guys on ; click on the picture to enlarge it.

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