Wednesday, June 4, 2014

I didn't need this on a Fast Day

I have had a very dis-spiriting day at COTA this morning.  I had two clients who either can't or won't absorb anything and just to make things difficult, neither computer was working properly.

The first client has difficulty absorbing the concept of computers, never touches his computer between lessons, relies on his wife to set things up for him and can't see the point anyway.  I don't really know why he comes  -  to please his wife, perhaps?

The second one needs a job but has no computer experience, takes multiple classes both with COTA and other organisations, never touches her computer between lessons, can't remember from one week to the next what she has been shown and I am totally wasting my time; she doesn't want a job and I can't say that I blame her for that.  The trouble is that I am at a loss to know what to teach her any more and was more or less marking time.  If the email is made to work that would be a useful skill for her  -  if she could remember how.  She couldn't remember her user name or password on her own computer.

The trouble was that the email on the COTA computer I use was non-existent; the link to Windows Mail didn't work and MS Outlook wasn't installed.  I moved over to the computer which Himself uses as he is over East at the moment and that computer had MS Outlook installed but it wasn't set up or authorised.  And she has booked in for another four or (horror) eight lessons as well as classes with Adult Education.  Maybe it is time to set her assignments.

I will set myself to spinning to try to make myself feel less useless.  At the moment I feel as though I should get out while the going is good.

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