Thursday, June 26, 2014

Biting the bullet #2

I have finally bitten the bullet and sold my car.  She is going to a friend, Herself, for the price of an ongoing donation to Medics Sans Frontiers and I will be dropping her off on Sunday when I go to the Self's for lunch.  When we were filling out the transfer forms I had to put in the odometer reading and was horrified to find that, in the six years I had her, I only managed a bit over 6,000 kilometres.  Since I can't drive at night any more due to the effect of lights on my astigmatism she mostly sits and collects dust.  I have left open my option to buy another car if I feel that I really need one but if I do I will get one similar to the one which D3 has, with front and back cameras and GPS.

I am feeling sad about letting her go, apprehensive about how I will manage without a car and will have to stop going to the Cottesloe Animal Hospital where I have been taking my animals for fifty years and instead take the babies to the Claremont Vet who is just down the road and I can walk there with the Kitty-carriage.

Meanwhile, someone in a HUGE SUV has taken over my second car space.  I left a polite post-it note and then a large note fixed to the windscreen with sticky tape.  Next time it might be duct tape and then superglue but if it continues I will report it to the Council of Owners.  I have no idea who it is  -  they have certainly never asked if they could park their monster there on my property.  Had they done so I might have agreed since my spaces are destined to be empty but they have seriously annoyed me now.  The best solution would be to clamp the vehicle but that is beyond my powers.

Yesterday was a serious computer day.  I arrived home from COTA to find that my Windows Live Mailbox was empty.  The storage folders were OK and all the mail was still on my webmail  -  so I phoned iinet and they had to close my account and open it again, after which 227 emails (most of which I had previously deleted) fed back into my mailbox and I had to delete most of them all over again.

Then, because I had problems at COTA with accessing my own web pages (I was teaching a client about keywords and how they are set) so I tried on my own computer last night and found that I couldn't open the website. I phoned iinet again only to be told that it was an ongoing problem probably due to their upgraded security measures and that their technicians were working on it.  I subsequently found that the problem was first reported on February 8th so it is taking them quite a while to sort it out.  However, this morning the site was up and running with working links again so maybe it was just a temporary glitch.

Meanwhile I intend to go back to my mailbox and move all my genealogy and family emails into folders to quarantine them from further vanishing acts.  I have a large number about Great Great Uncle Charles and his doings which I don't want to lose since most of it is not documented elsewhere and with no source material I won't put it onto my family tree.

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