Saturday, August 30, 2014

Not a Single was Harmed

I have finished spinning the colourway 'Cupcake' which D3 generously gave me to supplement the two braids which I received and spun ages ago but realised that there was not really enough to knit anything meaningful.  Today I plied it and tomorrow I will skein it off, wash it and see if it matches the first skein.  It is always a worry that, especially when there is a time lapse between spinning the first and second skeins, that they will be of different thickness; although I am spinning much more consistently than I used to.

It takes me two hours to ply two full bobbins onto a jumbo bobbin and up until now I have always stood to do it; today I decided to sit down ... not a good idea.  For some reason the bobbins kept on unwinding down onto the Lazy Kate and I would have to stop and unwind the singles.  Then disaster struck and the plied yarn fell off the bobbin and into the bearing.  I had to remove the jumbo bobbin and wind on the plied yarn by hand  - until I came to an almighty tangle of singles.  I thought that I would have to break one of the singles and spit-join it all up but, with much patience and swearing I managed to untangle it without breaking anything.  I had a cup of coffee and plied the rest of the skein standing up.  There is still quite a bit of spun singles on one of the bobbins and I might ply it with some remnants on another couple of bobbins and start knitting Granny Squares.

It hasn't been a good week; my dishwasher suddenly started screaming a couple of nights ago and then flashed a message "Technical fault: Call maintenance" .  The next morning I looked at the book of words which said that I should wait for five minutes and try again and if the same message flashes up to do as I was told, so I tried again with the same result.  I phoned the Miele maintenance people who can't come until next Friday  -  over a week.  So I am washing up by hand and Multiplex, in its wisdom, neglected to give the apartments draining boards so I am having to take one of the racks out of the dishwasher to stack the dishes on.  It is all very untidy.

I am decreasing for the raglan sleeves of the 'sloppy joe' sweater which I am knitting with the Rosewood colourway from GreenwoodFiberworks and I am going to have heaps over because I spun seven skeins and will probably only need half that amount  -  scarf, gloves and hat?

Here is a picture of the two skeins of Cupcake.  Click on the picture to enlarge it.


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