Friday, September 5, 2014

Mon Lavevaisselle est Mort

The dishwasher repairman came today and pronounced a major organ failure and the dishwasher needs a heart/brain transplant which is going to cost almost as much as a new dishwasher  -  which would figure since it has total module failure.  The Proud Man said that it has not run sufficient hours to warrant this and Miele is going to be asked to come to the party and replace the module free of charge; but I am not holding my breath on that one and will price Asko dishwashers while I wait for the verdict.

I have finished knitting the back of my Sloppy Joe and am about to start on the front but am debating with myself whether or not to knit the cupcake vest instead.  Meanwhile I am spinning my Polwarth  Pigtails because they are fun and quick to spin.  I must say that I am enjoying spinning the Polwarth but will reserve judgement until it has been washed and fulled before I order any more.

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