Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Mon Lavevaisselle est Mort #3

The dishwasher repairman is coming on 23rd of this month to rejuvenate the dishwasher; it is all taking a long time.

I went to see a surgical podiatrist today about my sore toe.  I used to know him when he was a humble ordinary podiatrist and we both worked at a hospital which is now a housing estate.  He thinks, as I have come to do, that the pain is caused by an exostosis and has made me a little splint to straighten the toe which is all very well when I have shoes on but I can't wear it when I go barefooted which I prefer to do.  I am to phone him next Tuesday and report progress.  He said that the shape of my feet is an autosomal dominant gene and nothing to do with shoes, high heels or anything like that.  I have my grandfather's feet and unfortunately D3 has inherited them from me but I guess that one out of three isn't too bad, except for poor D3.

I am persisting with trying to walk the babies in their harnesses and Poppy isn't too bad as long as she is on her own; even Parsifal will walk a few steps if he is on his own but both panic if they meet anyone in the corridor.  However I bring a little bit of the outside in when I shop, which I have started doing most days, and I bring the groceries up in a shopping trolley.  The babies give it a thorough going over with their little whiffling noses.

Yesterday I plied together all the remnants from my bobbins where one bobbin has had a bit left over after plying.  I ended up with about 100metres of very colourful yarn  -  a mix of BFL and Polwarth  -  and I have freed up four bobbins.  There is still a bit of red BFL on one bobbin and I will use it up when I have collected enough dregs again.  I'll post a picture of it when I log onto Firefox; IE won't let me put pictures here.

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