Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Mon Lavevaisselle est Mort #4

A different serviceman came today to fit the new heart and brains into my dishwasher.  He put in the new part and set it going to test it.  About ten minutes into its cycle it started beeping again and an error message again appeared.  This serviceman interpreted the error message and said that the fault was in the pump and that I needed a new pump which he would order immediately ... but ... there had been the same problem with a dishwasher on Level 6 and there was a kickboard preventing the dishwasher from being removed and he didn't want to break it so would I please organise to have the kick-board , which is glued and silicone-sealed, removed as he knew from experience that it was not easy to do.
Looking at it, it looks as though it will need a jigsaw to cut down the sides and something to remove the silicone seal.

I phoned the man who is supposed to help with building faults and such matters but he said that the kickboard was not his responsibility and that there was a handyman who had done some work around the apartments from a company called 'Hire a Hubby'.  so tomorrow I will be phoning him and hopefully he will be able to remove the kick-board without too much fuss and mess.  And afterwards I suppose that it will have to be put back but this time, hopefully with something easily removable.  I felt like sitting down and weeping with frustration and despair.

COTA is not much fun at the moment, either.  The computers haven't been upgraded and do not support any server-provided mail system and the woman in charge simply shrugs and says "Open g-mail accounts for the clients".  I am tired of lugging my own computers into town every week because COTA's computers are so bad.

Sorry about the rant; I get frustrated when things which I can't control keep on happening and this evening I seem to have reached a low point.  Tomorrow will be better and I will phone Hire a Hubby and get someone to remove the kick-board and put it back again afterwards and hopefully I will not be washing up by hand for much longer using one of the dishwasher racks to stack the clean dishes because Multiplex, in its wisdom, didn't fit draining boards in the apartments.

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