Thursday, September 25, 2014

Mon Lavevaisselle est Mort #5

SIL came around yesterday afternoon and removed the kickboard from in front of the dishwasher.  I had already worked out what I thought would be the best way to remove it  -  a block of wood to the side of the glue-line and a heavy hammer.  It broke the glue but SIL had to drag the kickboard out which took all his strength and some skin off the back of his hand.  Then we discovered that the installers had actually glued the kickboard to the dishwasher and then glued it to the floor.  I have spent time this evening with a chisel and hammer removing the centimetre high ridge of glue which would have prevented the serviceman from sliding the dishwasher out.  Hopefully there is now no hurdle to getting the pump replaced and getting the thing working again.

Himself, Herself and Daffodil are 'down south' at the moment and I have inherited his very talkative client who kept on interrupting me to go into irrelevancies .  I got so frustrated in the end that I actually told her to 'for goodness sake shut up' which,, bless her, she took in good part and things went better after that.  I am to have her next week again and we are going to go through security because she wants to do internet shopping.  We might even have time to open her a PayPal account if she is carrying her credit card.  I think that she will eventually master the computer but it is still all a bit of a mystery to her.  At least she tries and that is how most people learn; we can only point them in the right direction and hope that they will discover things for themselves.  When Himself and I started teaching in 2000 it was easy to teach the basics of computing in four hourly lessons; not so any more.

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