Wednesday, October 8, 2014

My dishwasher is still dead, but ...

The repair man is coming tomorrow afternoon with a new pump for my dishwasher and hopefully this will be the end of it, the dishwasher will work again and I can devise a way of putting the kickboard back in place with an option to remove it again if necessary.  Watch this space.

Yesterday I went to a meeting of  the 'Retired Physiotherapists Group' which is usually held on a Thursday  -  my teaching day  -  so I haven't been able to get to a meeting until now.  I sat next to a woman who used to run classes about relaxing hyperactive children  -  called "Jelly-time".  She is into another weird (?) thing called 'Laughter Yoga' and was handing out pamphlets to everyone there.  There is a group just a hop step and jump from here but I am not sure that I really want to explore it.  It is held on Wednesday mornings which is a good time for me but I am waiting for some feedback from the yoga site on before I commit myself to anything like that.  Straight yoga is enough for me.

I have no clients at COTA at the moment; the person scheduled for the next four weeks has cancelled.  This tends to happen towards the end of the year because a lot of people book at the beginning of the year and by the time their turn comes around they have forgotten or gone somewhere else.  The booking system needs an overhaul but I only ever meet up with the booking person at the annual Christmas party.

The power was turned off for an hour in the wee small hours this morning and I assumed that the powers that be would take the opportunity to plug the wall behind plate around the button which opens the outside door but the plate is still threatening to fall off and since the button is electric with wires going in an unknown direction there is no way that the screws can be plugged in without turning off the power and wearing rubber-soled boots.  More and more Multiplex shortcuts are appearing as time goes on; there is still a puddle on the fire escape which I reported two years ago.

And Parsifal caught his first cockroach this morning so the wildlife is gradually establishing itself; I have a little orb-spinner on the balcony which I have welcomed but cockroaches are a different matter.  I was mean enough to take the cockroach away from Parsifal  -  I really didn't want him to eat it.

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