Saturday, October 11, 2014

My Dishwasher is alive and well

The serviceman came two days ago and fitted a new pump onto the dishwasher and I have just run my first load through it successfully.  It now has a new module (the first serviceman diagnosed a faulty module) and a new pump (the second serviceman correctly read the error message and ordered a new pump).  So it is almost a new machine.

The kickboard which gave so much trouble to remove fitted back into its space so tightly that it will never need any fastenings to keep it in and will be easy to remove in the future if needed.

D2 is coming around today to borrow my BIG suitcase.  She says that she is going to Japan but I am terrified that she actually plans to go to Africa and is not telling me because she knows that I will worry.  No doubt I will eventually find out but it is a niggly worry.

I have no clients at COTA at the moment.  The woman who was booked has cancelled and the problem with the booking system is that it is not flexible so that people are booked in months ahead and by the time their turn comes around they are off doing something else and the booking receptionist doesn't seem to feel that she can slot someone else into the space.  By the end of the year we have virtually no-one coming.  I must say that it is nice to be able to sleep until I wake up naturally instead of setting my alarm clock but the whole system is wrong.

I have almost finished spinning the second skein of the Twilight Colourway and my new  windmill skeiner arrived from America on Friday   -  very good timing.  I can now retire my niddynoddy and use the skeiner which gives four skein-size options.  The niddynoddy made 60" skeins so I will stick with that unless I see a reason for making then larger; smaller will never be an option at this stage.

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