Saturday, October 25, 2014

The babies turned three years old a fortnight ago. This is for Carole ...

The babies turned three on 12th October and I wanted to post a birthday photo but couldn't catch them either static or together.  I now have a photo for Carole, in case she still reads this blog and wonders how they are getting on.

They usually get on very well but Parsifal is a bit of a bully and Poppy purposely stirs him up and then shouts for help.  But they mostly sleep curled up together  -  the exception being when I am in bed in the morning when Parsifal slides down my back under the covers and Poppy lies in the angle between by legs and tummy outside the covers.  Between the two of them they pretty well have me pinned down; I can't roll either way and have to perform some rather extraordinary gymnastics to extract myself.

I have decided that they need to get used to wearing their harnesses just in case the unlikely happens and there is a fire.  They both get very excited when I produce the harnesses but Poppy prefers not to leave the apartment while Parsifal likes to go out into the corridor and roll himself up in the lead.  Really, walking them in their harnesses is the least of my worries; as long as I can get them dressed they will be safe in the Kitty-carriage if I have to take them down the fire escape and they are getting very good about being dressed.

Parsifal has almost grown out of his pica and hasn't eaten anything unsuitable for a couple of years which is probably as much to do with the fact that I make sure that there is nothing unsuitable for him to eat and, of course, he has his blankie to smurgle on and that seems to satisfy him although he still seems to need permission to get started.  We actually have two identical blankies  -  he prefers them clean.

The two of them mostly sleep on top of Parsifal's igloo which, whenever I restore it to its igloo status he jumps on and flattens the top down again.  He is quite capable of lifting the top up himself and occasionally does so if he decides to have a nap inside it.  Poppy has her own igloo which she retires to after she has shepherded me into bed and assured herself that I have been given the right amount of kneading and snudges.  She is a very cuddly little cat.

They are groomed morning and evening and line up for this when I scoop out their litter trays but even this doesn't stop drifts of black cat hair from drifting all over the apartment.  I opted for black cats because I wear a lot of black but didn't factor in the light colour of the carpet and tiles.

Here is a photo of them.  It doesn't show their glorious orange eyes because to catch them when they are not moving rapidly I have to catch them when they are asleep but I assure you ... Parsifal's are mandarin colour and poppy's are a bit closer to the Burmese yellow.  Click on the picture to enlarge it:

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