Saturday, November 8, 2014

Keeping abreast

Recently I looked at the file where I keep my medical records and noted that I hadn't had a mammogram since 2006 so I trotted off to the doctor and asked for a referral to the local breast clinic.  My doctor did an examination and found a small lump on the left side so I made an appointment for a scan.  Only when I made the appointment did I discover that I hadn't kept my records up-to-date because the clinic had my current address and I have only been here since 2011.  However, given that there was a possible lump I went ahead and had the scan and ultrasound.

The ultrasound was not a lot of fun; the machine had to be kept cool so the air conditioning was turned up to high and directed on the US machine  -  and onto me.  Then the US machine overheated and died so there I was, bare-breasted and cooling rapidly, waiting for the machine to cool down enough to be rebooted and it wasn't a speedy process.

Anyway, the upshot is that flakes of calcification were discovered on the right side and that just might mean early Ca. so I need a biopsy  -  when the clinic finally disgorges the films and report.  Watch this space ...

Then the next day I had a shot in the arm to protect me from shingles which was fine except that I am feeling very sluggish and disinclined to do anything so I am giving my Yoga a rest until next week to give my white cells a chance to do their stuff.

Nevertheless, I have pushed myself to finish spinning my Twilight fibre and it is done and ready to be plied tomorrow.  Then I might give myself a treat and spin some pigtails  -  always fun  -  before I start on the next big project, ten braids of BFL and Silk which D3 gave me for my birthday.  I am not sure that I will make from it  -  I'll see how it spins up.  The Twilight will be another jacket (I think) and I am knitting the first sleeve of the Rosewood Sloppy Joe.  I've done the front and back and the sleeves are raglan so they should be done quite quickly when I am not so tired.

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