Friday, October 17, 2014

Yes, size DOES matter

The day before yesterday I skeined, washed, snapped and dried Skein II of my Twilight colourway using my new skeiner.

I set it onto 60" which is what I had always thought the skein size from my niddynoddy produced but the skein turned out to be short and fat so with the next one I am going to have to take the skeiner to its maximum which is 70" and hope that it will be closer in size to the niddynoddy skein.  The fatter skein weighs about 20 gms more which is fair enough since it is fatter but I am now clueless as to how long the yarn is on each skein; clueless as to how long I have been assuming a 60" skein and calculating the length of the yarn from that.

Luckily the day before yesterday was a very hot day and the skein dried quite fast but gnerally the fatter the skein the longer it takes to dry  so thin is good.  It won't matter at all as far as knitting goes but the shorter skein is harder to make into a neat twist.

My dishwasher is working well and so it should since, except for its outside casing, I have virtually got a new dishwasher.  I must say that it is nice not to have dirty dishes all over the bench as there was nowhere to hide them and they collected up even though I was washing up by hand every day.

I had one ring-in client yesterday at COTA.  I was told that he was having problems with his Hotmail account and needed a bit of help and he also wanted to start doing online shopping.  The Hotmail problem was simple to solve  -  he was putting in the wrong password and when I asked him to try again, much to his surprise, he went straight in.  His other needs were to get his pre-paid dongle to work (I suggested that he get Optus to talk him through setting up his computer) and he had no credit card so I sent him off to talk to his bank about credit cards with a view to an account especially for using online.  Interesting stuff and I am hoping that I will be able to help him, maybe, to open a PayPal account -  or at least how to manage using a credit card online.

I am using Firefox at the moment so hopefully I can post a photo of my two skeins of Twilight so that you can see the difference in size.  Watch this space for Skein III which will probably be a different size again.  Click on the picture to enlarge it.

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