Tuesday, December 9, 2014

... who cannot see.

Yesterday the COTA volunteers were taken on a Grand Tour of our new headquarters and I am not happy.  We are moving to the Blind Institute and it seems that we are taking over quite a bit of the building.  I don't know if the current tenants are contracting down to a smaller space or if we are sharing the facilities.  Ken took us around the upper floor  -  security passes only  -  pointing out the changes which will be made  -  partitions removed, a door cut  through to another area, etc, and then we went downstairs to where the computers are.  We will be using the computers which are already there and which are set up for use by blind people so I am really not sure how it will work out.  Our server will be housed in the basement but I assume that we will have to turn on vision and turn off speech.

The facilities are good with a canteen and a gym which we will be able to use and far more space  -  but some of it is on a 'by the hour' basis.  I am not sure how the receptionists will fit into the scheme of things as there are receptionists already and I don't know if we will have to collect security passes if we want to go upstairs to speak to the admin. people.

I will be able to catch the same train into town as before and then I have six minutes to get to Platform 4 (which Transperth has hidden) and will arrive at Victoria Park Station which is just opposite the Institute so I will no longer collect Himself on my way to work.

I guess that if I don't like it, or find the system unmanageable, then I can just stop teaching.  We won't be moving in until about the end of February when all the alterations are completed and I will probably take my own computers just in case.

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