Thursday, June 18, 2015

Key words??

Blogger is suggesting that I should register key words for Google's search engine so that more people will discover and read my blog.  I thought about it for about ten seconds and decided that "Spin, Knit, Cats" are not the sort of key words which will attract a great deal of attention so I haven't rushed to put any in.  "Pussy" and "Picking up" might bring in a few readers but perhaps not the sort I  would welcome and I feel that they might be disappointed when they arrive and read my perfectly innocent comments on a pair of very spoilt felines and my frustrations with spinning 50% silk and how long it is taking me because 200gms gives me about 600 yards plied and washed which translates to almost 2,000 yards of singles before shrinkage.  I will spend the next week finishing off Skein 4 of 'Quoth' and then diverge into something different before I do the last two skeins of 'Quoth the Raven'.

I took the cats over to Zoo this morning and Parsifal immediately checked out the cat furniture before moving onto the feeding bowls.  I can't believe that he is hungry; maybe he thinks that some new dishes would liven up his rather uninteresting life.  I have decided that after this pair of cats I will foster older cats as I am probably too old to be able to outlive another pair of kittens and the Cat Haven needs foster parents ... but that is hopefully at least ten years down the track.

We finally, after almost four years, have a full house on Level 7.  One of the apartments has been empty and unsold up until just a few weeks ago and the new owner is moving in by degrees.  The lower levels are mostly unknown territory and a number of the apartments down there are rented so it is a bit of a shifting population.  Block A is, I gather, only about half full at the moment.  There is a new block of apartments almost finished across the highway and the Government is building another 900 just over the railway line.  The Media tells us that there is a housing crisis with prices far too high but when all this building is finished I think that it might be a buyers market.  Claremont is a nice place to live, but ...

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