Sunday, June 28, 2015

A marathon with interruptions

Yesterday I decided that I would keep on spinning until I finished Bobbin 4 of the Colourway Quoth the Raven.  It is 50% silk and 50%  superfine merino, spins fine and if I don't put enough twists in it  -  it breaks.  I have two more braids to spin ... but not yet and I have returned, with some relief to spinning Blue Faced Leicester.  I am intending to ply this lot of BFL with a solid colour, along with two other colourways from the MEGASAL forum on which I also intend to ply with semi-solids.

I spun from about 2.00pm until I finished at 10.00pm but had a fairly eventful day of it.  Firstly, Parsifal (who else) managed to upset a mug of tea all over me, the table, my spinning chair and the floor.  By some miracle Roberta and my spinning were spared and after I had dried everything off I was able to resume my Quoth.

The next interruption was from D2 who is off to England in a couple of days and who had asked me to look after a couple of her classic cars.  I gave her the sensor to get the first of the cars into the secure area only to have her phone me to say that she couldn't find my parking bays.  I went down to Level 4 but there was no sign of her so I realised that she had probably gone to Block A's secure parking.  I trundled over there, rescued her and directed her to Block B's car park.  She managed to bring the second car up without any more input from me and I showed her how to exit the 'cage'.  She arrived with coffee and cake from downstairs and then I went back to my spinning.

I am going to get enormous street cred from the cars  -  a mauve classic VW and a red classic Porsche.  They will get dusty and probably drip oil but they are very pretty.

My spinning is going much faster now that I am back with wool fibre and I think that I have spun about a quarter of  the first braid.  I seem to be collecting a great deal of spun yarn and will end up with a great number of sweaters eventually.  I don't know what I am going to do with the silky stuff; I bought enough to knit a sweater but I think that it will be too soft and fine unless I can find a drapey sort of pattern.  But that is low priority  -  I have worked out that it takes a minimum of 24 solid hours of spinning to make a skein of Quoth and I am feeling in need of a break from it.

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