Friday, July 3, 2015

Make the most of life while you have it

Yesterday I walked around to D3's place after teaching computer at COTA and met the new puppy, Osku, who is a Lapphund.  He is still smallish and very yappy  -  so much so that the cat Sebastian, has all but left home  -  poor baby.  Osku has been toilet trained to use puppy nappies (I think that I have now heard almost everything) and so he thinks that he must come inside to pee which is driving D3 crazy.  SIL's mother is pet sitting for four days while the family goes to Kalgoorlie and there is a big pile of doggy nappies so that she doesn't have to try to potty train him while the family is away.

Herself had a CVA on Wednesday evening and is currently in hospital.  She is not out of the woods yet and is still in Intensive Care.  If she lives she will almost certainly be handicapped to a greater or lesser degree and her family is in a state of shock at the moment.  The only lucky thing about the whole affair was that she was very close to one of our major hospitals when it happened and she was rushed there immediately so there was no delay in starting to stabilise her.

D2 is in England at the moment and I am babysitting two of her cars; a customised lavender VW and a red air-cooled Porsche.  Even though they are in the secure area I am terrified that someone will drive into them or otherwise damage them.  The electronics in the building seem to be going awry at the moment and over the last two days I have had to buzz up two people because their fobs refused to work so I am not sure just how secure we are at the moment.  This place seems to be falling to bits and it is only four years old. 

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