Thursday, July 23, 2015

Yes, I AM D1's mother

The day before yesterday I had an appointment with a lawyer (not the ambulance chasers' firm) who looked at my Will and said "So you are D1's mother!".  It turns out that he knew D1 in the olden days when we were young.  Anyway, he was just the sort of lawyer I had been looking for -  listened to what I wanted, discussed the legal issues very knowledgeably, agreed that there was no problem about writing a Codicil and did not try to persuade me to change my mind about my instructions regarding the Advance Health Directive.  I was very satisfied with my visit and hopefully it will not be too long before things are all organised.

Himself told me a few days ago that Herself had a blister on her back.  I thought that it might be the beginning of a pressure sore but poor Herself has shingles.  If she wasn't uncomfortable enough before she must be in great distress now; I understand that it is a very painful affliction.  My general practitioner advised me to be vaccinated against it as there is a new vaccine; so I am protected.  Most of my generation had chickenpox so we are all at risk of developing shingles.

I had no clients at COTA today so I spent the morning buying myself some new jeans and loading my new slow cooker up with the makings of a lamb stew.  The new slow cooker is much superior to the old one which was starting to flake at the edges and worried me a bit that it might start showing its internal workings and become dangerous.

I am more than halfway through skein two of the Ankh Morpork/Cardamom spinning and suspect that the combination of the two will be similar to the waters (?) of the Ankh River  -  sort of grey, green and greasy.  There will be enough to knit a sweater and I am looking forward to seeing it knitted up.  I have tried photographing it but however much I tweak the picture I cannot get the colour right so I will not post it here.  I will start knitting it before I have finished the spinning and as soon as I have finished the scarf now in progress from the colourway Cupcake which I obtained from .

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