Friday, July 17, 2015

Almost run over by an ambulance chaser ...

In view of the CVA suffered by Herself and her struggle to retrieve something of her former function I decided that perhaps the time had come to finalise my 'End of Life' arrangements.  I already have a Will but want a codicil to change the ages at which the GBs inherit.  There is a law firm opposite the bus stop by my hairdressers so I and decided to make an appointment to see someone there to get my affairs organised.

I telephoned them a couple of days ago and explained what I needed done so that I would be directed to the correct person for my needs and was immediately interrogated about exactly what I wanted.  I was initially told that the fee would be $400.00 per hour and then I was asked name, address, phone number, email, age and how much I was worth.  I don't think that she asked me for my knicker size but that may have been an oversight on her part.

She then informed me that it was not possible to write me a codicil and that I would have to have a new will written in their format.  I could see that this would take as many hours as they could squeeze in and End of Life instructions and Enduring Power of Attorney would no doubt take many hours more to write them in there own format.  I was beginning to realise that they thought that they would have me for the rest of my life and plague my executors after I was dead.

Anyway I made an appointment for next week.  They then sent me a long form to fill out with questions about every possible relationship and marital connections, covering things which are never going to be relevant such as step children, step grandchildren, husbands, defactos, ex-husbands ex-husbands step children etc.  Having digested all this I received a call to say that the lawyer I was to see was not able to see me and I would have to see someone else who was not able to write a codicil either.  I said thank you very much but I thought that I could probably write a holographic codicil my self (as a genealogist I have read enough wills and codicils to get an idea of what is required) and cancelled my appointment.

I now have an appointment next week with a small  (possibly a one man) practice with someone who asked a few relevant questions over the phone, says that he can't see any reason why he should not write a codicil but that he will need to see my will to make sure, will organise enduring power of attorney and End of Life stuff and I am seeing him next week.  I don't even care of he writes a new will and charges me more than $400.00 per hour;  I think that he will do what is necessary without swallowing me up in some legal maelstrom.

Watch this space ...

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