Monday, July 6, 2015

I wandered, lonely as a cloud ...

I decided to cook up some comfort food so I dug out my recipe for Dahl and went shopping for the ingredients.  I realised that there was no way that I would be able to buy red mustard seed at Coles but split peas?  I zigzagged along all the shelves but was unable to find any dried pulses at all; I am sure that they must stock them somewhere but the shelf stackers have a very odd method of categorising their stock  -  toothpicks in the party section I can sort of understand but there are none in the dental section at all. 

Anyway, I gave up on the split peas and went to Liquorice, the next door shop which sells fancy pulses, spices, teas and chocolates and bought my split peas and black mustard seed which is the same as red mustard as far as I can taste.  So all I need to do is to fry the onions, chop up the chilli and the capsicum and throw all the ingredients into the slow cooker with enough water to cover it.  It is my own recipe which I devised after much experimentation and it is delicious.  It is pouring with rain outside so it can't come soon enough.

Herself has made some minor recovery.  She now has a bit of feeling in her left side and is able to talk, although her speech is slurred.  Himself is very matter of fact with his reporting and I am not sure if he has actually though ahead to the future or if he is just putting on a brave face; a bit of both, I suspect.  There will have to be profound changes to both there lives, short of some miraculous recovery but perhaps gradual recognition of this will be kinder than an 'in your face' revelation.

Today is Knitting Club day and I am all packed and ready to go but the weather is going to discourage most, if not all the others.  I only have a short walk and most of that is undercover so I will put in an appearance regardless.

I received a phishing email from Happy-tunes today containing an invoice for a tom-tom.  Since I no longer own a car I knew that I hadn't, in a rush of blood, bought myself a GPS.  There was a link to cancel if I had not bought the tom-tom and started to fill it out but got suspicious.  I suggested that I would have paid by PayPal but the form insisted on my credit card number so I phoned Apple who asked me to forward the email to them, which I did.  There were a couple of other pointers  -  asking for 'mother's name' rather than maiden or middle name and then I noticed that the amount charged was different to the amount on the invoice.  I was almost caught with that one and that is a good reason to use PayPal  -  it avoids having to use my credit card number.  Anyway, I was assured that I would not be charged and was sent an email telling me how to recognise a genuine missive from Apple in the future.

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