Monday, April 3, 2017

D. is leaving at the end of the week :(

D is the person who cleans the public spaces in apartment Blocks A & B and we are going to miss her.  Not only is she super-efficient but she always has time to stop for a chat, help anyone who needs help and battles with the Administration when things are not working as well as they ought to.

A group of us had a send-off for her today at KokoBlack and it was a fairly raucous occasion.  There were eight of us, all from Block B except one lone soul and it was a lot of fun.  D. outlined her plans for the rest of the week; she intends to crash and have a 'nanna-nap' on the couch on level six sometime and on Friday she is going to have a swim in the pool over in A Block.  The event is scheduled to start at 10.00am and we are all invited.  Since the forecast is for showers I do not think that many of us will be joining her in the water, even though it is a heated pool.

Earlier in the day my life was livened by a plumbing company coming to change the anode in my hot water system and, from the look of it, it was not before time.  The appointed tradesman arrived half an hour early which was good because of the party to farewell D. but he took one look and pronounced that my apartment was very different from the rest (which I already knew) and said that he would not be able to lift the clothes dryer off the wall on his own so he called up a mate who arrived an hour later. 

They unblocked the overflow and showed me the anode which they were replacing and from the look of it was another cheap alternative because the anode which they put in could not possibly have corroded that much in five and a half years.  And, bless their hearts, they asked for a mop and bucket of water so that they could clean under the washing machine which is too heavy for me to shift and rescued all the cat toys which had lodged underneath.

They are replacing the anodes in any apartments where the owners put up their hands and we get a discount if enough people do so.  From the look of my anode all 150 apartments need new ones as I live in the newer block  -  four years younger than Block A.

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