Monday, March 27, 2017

Our Two Days of Summer

While the Eastern States sweltered in above average temperatures, here I Perth we only had a couple of days of summer and already the leaves are turning, * 'the pre-session of the equinox has proceeded according to precedent' and the days are drawing in.  This afternoon I turned on the heating for the first time for ages.  Queensland is on cyclone watch for one of the worst cyclones on record, expected to cross the coast tonight and there have been floods Down South and Over East and several people have drowned in the flood waters.  All in all it has been a very funny summer.

The three weeks which I spent with my leg propped up prevented me from doing anything but reading, knitting and following  American politics and I admit that I have managed to develop an addiction to the goings-on in Washington and some of the very funny news and YouTube offerings which sadly seem to be  tailing off since the defeat of Trumpcare.

I am back to doing yoga and am extremely stiff as a result and yesterday I resumed spinning despite worsening arthritis in my thumbs.  I am knitting a second version of the 'Go With the Flow' jacket but have broken off to start knitting a few things for the homeless with the leftovers from various sweaters.  At the moment I am knitting a diagonal scarf with the remains of 'Chunderup' the sweater which featured large a few posts ago.  I have already knitted a beanie and will do a few more.  I think that it is going to be a cold winter so hopefully something warm and woolly will be of some help to those people sleeping rough.

I finally removed the last of the steristrips from my leg since they were grimly hanging on and the adhesive was getting sticky and I don't think that they would have fallen off by themselves.  The incision has healed well but there is a dent in my leg, where the SCC was, so quite a bit of tissue must have been removed.  I am glad that it is gone but think that I might be developing another one on my arm.  It is small and I am keeping an eye on it so hopefully it will not need such drastic excision.

Himself is away for a few weeks and I am back to battling with the COTA computers but thinking of resigning.  I am tired of trying to teach on computers which are never upgraded and do not do what I ask of them.

*I have been rereading my Terry Pratchett books with their extensive and nonsensical Discworld endnotes so have decided to acknowledge the above quote as an endnote.  It is from "The Elephant's Child or How the Elephant got its Trunk" by Rudyard Kipling.

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