Thursday, March 2, 2017

Still one of the Great Unwashed

After two weeks of not being able to have a shower I returned to the dermatologist today hopeful that I would be allowed to have a shower tonight  -  but alas ...  the dressing was changed and I am to see him again in a week's time and I still have to keep the dressing dry.

But the good news is that the whole of the Squamous Cell Carcinoma was excised and the suture line has healed up very well; I just have to treat it gently for a while longer.  At least things seem to be hotting up politically in America so that should keep me entertained for a bit longer while I am forced to rest and we have our own elections in a week or so.  The State Premier, who is my representative, seems to be so confident that I had to go online to even find out who else is standing for the seat.  It is going to be interesting because he is not generally liked and seems to have spent a lot of tax payers' money on non-essentials.  He should be working his butt off or he is going to lose his seat which has always been a blue ribbon seat for the Liberals.  So that should keep me entertained as well although I am back to turning off the TV whenever a politician appears on the screen.

Poppy managed to get herself locked out in the passage last night and was returned by Mrs 706.  I think that Poppy was hiding by her front door and I assumed that she had taken herself back into my apartment which is why I hadn't missed her.  I am aware that she would like to visit Mrs 706 and possibly move there to escape Parsifal's overenthusiasm and since, last night, Parsifal was very much in evidence I assumed that Poppy had put herself to bed.  I always count heads before I go to bed so I would have found her eventually but I am going to have to be more vigilant in the future and count heads directly after their run in the corridor.

D2 is back from her R & R in Bali and is looking and feeling much better.  She was there for three weeks of rest, massage oils, yoga and Ayurvedic diet and has a week before she has to go back to work.

And the manager of the Apartments has taken note of the non-functioning air conditioning and the water stain on the ceiling in the corridor.  He is trying to use the inordinate amount of rain which we had as an excuse for the leak but a well-built apartment block doesn't have leaks however much it rains  - or shouldn't.

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