Saturday, February 25, 2017

Just Asking

20 billion dollars to build a wall, massively increase the nation's nuclear capability and build up the armed forces so that they are unbeatable  -  who is going to pay for it all?  And the people were  promised tax cuts.

My outer bandages came off my leg yesterday, much to my relief as they were starting to roll up and get lumpy and very uncomfortable.  I still have the steristrips and the dissolving stitches and I still can't have a shower but I am not being quite so obsessional about keeping my leg up; it is very uncomfortable and sitting around was starting to annoy me. In six days I see the dermatologist again and hopefully I will get the all-clear and will be able to shower again.

 I am still re-reading my Terry Pratchett books  -  working my way through the Witches Series at the moment.  And I have been spending a great deal more time than usual online  -  hence my questions at the beginning of this blog  -  but now that I feel that I can put my foot down a bit more I can probably get back to spinning if I do it in small bites.

Today is GB1's 16th birthday and the 16th anniversary of the day I fell asleep as the wheel of my car and realised that I needed to do something about my RLS so that I could get an occasional good night's sleep  -  which led to a night in a sleep clinic.  Don't go there unless you are desperate  -  it was probably the worst night I have ever spent but it made the condition official and I was able to legitimately get medication to ameliorate the symptoms.  I have the opposite problem at the moment,  so bored that I keep on falling asleep  -  ooops  -  I keep needing power naps; but sleeping during the day has never been a difficulty it is nights which are hard.

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