Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Worse than the Bark

Today I took the cats to the Vet for their annual vaccinations and they were not amused.  Poppy was first and she allowed herself to be weighed but took great umbrage at her injection.  To make matters worse both of them had been given malfunctioning microchips so she had to have another one inserted.  I had taken her muzzle but forgot to put it on.  She bit me.  She only has two teeth but she made quite a hole in my thumb  -  blood all over the place.

Then it was Parsifal's turn and he was already revved up for battle.  He is usually pretty good but he lashed out at me and opened up my right thenar eminence; blood all over the place.  All over the floor and all over me.  I was swabbed with hexachlorophene and bandaged and the vet suggested that in extraordinary circumstances they did house calls but hopefully that is a year away so I will not have to think about it yet unless Parsifal's teeth start to give trouble.

They are both overweight and will have to be dieted; I can see trouble ahead.

Several of the women who attended the knockers knitting last week turned up again today  so there were twelve of us and all but a couple were still having knocker problems.  I am glad that I decided not to try them but instead got on with my 'Go with the Flow' jacket.  At home where there are no distractions (except the cats) I have been getting on with my cowl and only have about two more inches to knit in order to finish it.  I took it along today for a show and tell as did one of the others in the group and I think that one of our new recruits is going to knit it as she took a photo of the pattern.

One of the new recruits, who wanders around asking for information about obtaining knockers " for a friend" told me that she used to teach knitting and that I should place a red tick after each finished row.  As there are four distinct pattern rows and each had seven repeats and it will be 28" long it didn't seem to be a very practical idea but she assured me that all row markers slip.  I'll take mine along next week on the assumption that she is going to turn up again and will let her test the strength of the magnets holding the chart.

Tomorrow I have an appointment to see the oral surgeon but I can't think why as the biopsy she took was negative.  Cash cow mentality?  I shall refuse any further visits to her unless she can give a very sound reason for the appointment.  COTA on Thursday and the SCC is coming off on Friday.  So far next week is mercifully clear and I can get back to doing my own thing.

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