Friday, February 17, 2017

I have joined the ranks of the Great Unwashed

Yesterday I had my pesky squamous cell carcinoma removed from my leg and for the next two weeks I am not allowed to get the area wet, not allowed to walk very much and need to keep the leg up as much as possible so I am sitting here with my right heel resting on a stool  -  and it is not at all  comfortable.

The cats, however, think that keeping one leg up constitutes a lap and I spent the morning trying to gently discourage them so that I could knit or at least read a book but they insisted on being tickled under the chin or between the ears and refused to desist.  They have finally settled down and gone to sleep but I am going to have two weeks of this.

After the hectic last two weeks I would have thought that a day when I was forced to do nothing would be welcome and wonderful but I was bored by 10.00am.  The outer wrappings can come off next Friday but the stitches and steristrips have to be left to fend for themselves and will come off in their own good time; the stitches are dissolving ones.  I will be going back to the dermatologist in two weeks and the nurse suggested that in light of previous experiences she felt that a quick shower before attending should be possible if I carefully patted the site dry in order not to disturb the incision.

However, I have managed without a bathroom before and do not doubt that I will be able to cope without becoming rank.  For the next two weeks I will be using the APC routine and I wash my hair under the laundry tap already so at least my hair will be clean.

There are layers and layers of dressings and bandages which are hot and tight but they can come off in six days now  -  and counting.

I have finished the cowl which I have been knitting and am very happy with it.  So far I have found six different ways I can wear it and I am sure that I will find others.  The pattern was a bit of a pain to knit and there are a few mistakes but they do not show in the chatter of the pattern so I have left them since they were minor and the pattern was a hassle to undo the few times I felt that I needed to.  Eventually I started putting in safety lines of dental floss which gave me confidence that I could undo it down past any mistake and pick up the stitches again.

Now I can concentrate on the 'Go With the Flow' jacket and maybe get back to spinning if I can manage it with one leg in the air.

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