Thursday, February 2, 2017

Thank heaven for the tooth fairy

I have been knitting a lace cowl and have made a couple of mistakes which do not show so I have left them in situ but yesterday I realised that I had far too many stitches and far too many were in the wrong place.  However, remembering advice from lace knitters and since I was just about to reach  a major new stage in the knitting I had decided to run a lifeline through the stitches just a couple of rows before I ran into trouble.  The lifeline is dental floss run through the stitches on the needle so that if unravelling is necessary one can go back to the lifeline and pick up the stitches again.  This I have done; I had to unravel four rows and since some involved knitting four stitches at once normal unpicking was going to be difficult.  With my dental floss it was a breeze to go back and knit up again.

I am one row from the place where I have to join both sides of the cowl and start circular knitting so I will be running a few more safety lines as I go since the purl rows now have to be knitted as plain rows and I am not sure with the lace pattern although I have knitted, and loved knitting, circular previously  - but never as a lace pattern.

I try to stay apolitical in this blog but world events are very interesting and a bit scary at the moment and yesterday I was re-reading for the umpteenth time 'The Daughter of Time' by Josephine Tey.  It is one of my favourite books and I re-read it every so often.  There was one part which I came across regarding Mary Queen of Scots and I thought that it was very appropriate in the here and now so I decided to post it on my Blog to get it off my chest.  It seems to fit well with what is happening at the moment.

"Her tragedy was that she was born a Queen with the outlook of a suburban housewife.  Scoring off Mrs Tudor in the next street is harmless and amusing; it  may lead you into unwarrantable indulgence in hire-purchase, but it affects only yourself.  When you use the same technique on kingdoms the result is disastrous.  If you are willing to put a country of ten million people in pawn in order to score off a royal rival, they you end by being a friendless failure."             

Remembering the Chinese curse "May you live in interesting times" I think that is where we are  currently and goodness only knows what is going to happen in the coming months (years?).

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