Thursday, March 16, 2017

OMG, Custard?

I had an appointment to see an oral surgeon a couple of days ago because Oral Surgeon Mk.1 said that I had a 'nodule' in my mouth and that she was not qualified to remove it so she would refer me to Oral Surgeon Mk.2.  The poor man had to sit through me venting about perfectly healthy pieces being chopped out of me with no explanation, after which he carefully looked at the nodule and told me exactly why it needed to be identified  -  so I am to have a biopsy in about four weeks after which I have to eat custard and foods with similar texture for a couple of weeks.  I figure that avocados would qualify and maybe very finely blended soups because I don't think that I would survive on custard for even a couple of days ... I don't do sweet but there are some recipes on the net for savoury custard, a sort of quiche without the ham and onion.

My leg is healed but the steristrips are still in place so I have a few weeks breather before the next round of evisceration.  The problem I have now is that my enforced rest got me interested in what is going on politically in America and the first thing I look at in the morning when I turn on my computer is the news.  Our ABC has a category classified as "Trump's America"  -  and of course there is Facebook which is very Democratic unless I am looking in the wrong place.

Our politics is marginally better and therefore less interesting but we have just had a State Election and there has been a change of government which was expected  -  so no surprises there except for the huge swing to the other party.

I bought a 'going away/thank you/housewarming' present for D. the woman who cleans the common areas in both apartment blocks and we are all going to miss her.  She knows everyone, keeps an eye on the oldies and always has time for a chat and to let us know what is going on (or not) with Management.  I bought her something from DJs which has a warranty and any gift with a warranty, if you let it be known that it is a gift, gets a special 'gift' receipt which allows the warranty to be activated without the recipient knowing the price.  That is the best thing that I've come across in a while  -  its great! (sorry  -  couldn't resist).

However, I needed some new undies and DJs arranges things so that the pretty, expensive and tiny sizes are easily accessible but the common and garden knickers are right down near the floor so I spent some time on my hands and knees looking for my size which is in short supply and they are no longer available on-line.  The bras are now in EU sizing so I had to try on a heap before I found my new size which translates to my old size and my size, once again, was down near the floor.  It is a good thing I wasn't in a hurry because there is no-one to help so it means getting dressed each time one wants to experiment with a different size..  Grrrrr!

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