Tuesday, January 11, 2011

How not to spend New Year

I am nearly healed now and in an earlier post I promised a picture of my black eye, which has descended to become a black and yellow cheekbone.

On January 2 I was in the garden with D2 readying my worm farm to be transported to her place; she asked me to bring over the hose and I managed to catch my toe and tripped over it, hitting my head on the upright for the clothes line during my descent. D2 is en emergency physician at one of our biggest hospitals so she raided my medicine cupboard and unearthed some 40-year-old combine dressing which she used to make a pressure bandage and carted me off to her hospital.

There my forehead was very neatly stitched - 14 little blue stitches in all, and handed a small tube of antibiotic ointment to keep the wound moist. The stitches are out now but I am still using the ointment as there are a couple of not-quite healed patches. I will have a scar through my eyebrow but hopefully it will not show tooo much; and incredibly I didn't break anything ...

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