Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Finally things are starting to move

Finally my house is set to officially go onto the market. The website has been up for a week now and there have been some enquiries. Those who contacted the estate agent will be having a preview on Saturday before the official launch, with the 'For Sale' sign going up next Tuesday, but there are a couple of people who are going to be allowed a pre-preview tomorrow evening. There were to be three but one of them can't make it so presumably they will get to look at the place on Saturday instead.

In the meantime I am constantly rushing around removing the slightest blemish from the inside woodwork, rinsing dishes and putting them straight into the dishwasher, and cooking in my slow cooker because I don't want to use the stove and maybe get a spot on it.

The house is not mine any more; I am allowed to live in it as long as I don't mess it up. Here is hoping that it sells quickly and that I get my hoped-for price. But I am not holding my breath ...

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