Thursday, January 6, 2011

It has not been a good start to 2011

The elves have basically finished with their makeover and I have the house to myself again for a short while. Next week the marketing starts in earnest with the photographer and the person who measures up the house coming on Monday; the website goes online on Tuesday; also on Tuesday the sales team will be going through the house. I am not sure what their role is but I gather that the process is not a lot of fun. Saturday of next week is the previews for people who might be interested in buying the property and on January 22 is the first open day.

Hopefully a cleaner will be coming to do the windows and detail the house the day before the previews and the professional oven cleaner will be coming on Monday along with all the estate agent's people to gather information for the website.

I will make a separate entry for the saga of my black eye and post a rather gruesome close up of my poor face with its 15 stitches and all the bruising. It garnered a lot of sympathy from the elves, bless them ...

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