Wednesday, February 2, 2011

The house is in Selling Mode

*****We have finally moved into the proper selling mode. We have had the pre-previews and the previews and in two days we will be having the first "Home Open".
*****In the mean time I spend my time keeping everything looking Inspection Ready which means wiping up every stray crumb and every splash of water on the sink, vacuuming the pool on a regular basis and keeping the potplants and hanging baskets looking flowery and looked after.
*****I have found that the house stays much cleaner now that I don't have any cats but I am moving more and more towards getting a cat when I move into the apartment. I would like to get two so that they have companionship but we are only supposed to have one animal and since I will be home most of the time anyway a companion animal (dreadful phrase) is not likely to get lonely except/unless I have to board it for a while.
*****With my painful hip I thought that my travelling days were over but D3 suggested trying fish oil and I must say that after two days things are feeling much better. I am not holding my breath at this stage and I keep expecting things to hurt so I am tending to still favouring the right leg.
*****I have an appointment with the physio tomorrow and I'll see if he can loosen my neck a bit more. It has been much better since it was forcibly manipulated when I fell and hit my head but it still hurts and that annoys me. Since I have waited for a couple of months for this appointment I decided that I'd keep it, not cancel, and since I will be having lunch with my Lotto group across the road from his rooms almost straight afterwards it all works out very well.
*****The sign above says "Endless Summer" and that is the way it feels from here. The rest of Australia is having cataclysmic floods and now a huge cyclone in Queensland while we are having drought and heatwave conditions.

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