Thursday, February 17, 2011

Shouting from the rooftops ...


So now I am trying to organise to get a pair of Bombay kittens. The difficulty is that settlement is in April but there are thirty days in April and that is a long time for a kitten so I might have to settle for a pair of teenagers. There is a pair of boys aged about 15 weeks at the moment and a pigeon pair aged six weeks. What I really need, if I want young kittens is to wait for the next litter to be born ... if there is going to be a next litter.

I have phoned and left a message to talk to the breeders so that I can get some sort of idea about what is and will be available and at the same time let them know why I am vacillating at the moment.

The new part of the shopping centre opened yesterday so the apartments can't be too far behind. Hopefully someone will have bought my house by then. There are about five or six couples circling but no-one wants to be the first to make an offer. Fingers crossed - tomorrow is a full moon in my financial sector according to one astrological prediction and I am choosing to believe it. Perhaps I should braid my hair just in case ...

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