Wednesday, August 10, 2011

I think that I am mastering the microwave oven

Tonight, for the first time, my dinner was all hot, evenly thawed and ready when wanted without several tries at getting the vegetables cooked. The fact that I have to sit on the floor to see the controls is beside the point and I am going to remain fit and flexible into my dotage with all the crawling about and opening heavy, heavy doors.

This place is very badly designed but I had one more small success today when I was able to buy three unbreakable soap rest thingies for the bathrooms, something which Coles seems not to stock.

A new problem has arisen regarding the delivery of stuff if I am not home, and where do the delivery people park in order to deliver their goods. The Building Manager suggested directing them to level 4 which is a bit like driving through a maze (which she admitted herself) and I would still have to be home to receive the goods. I think that it would be easier to park in the underground carpark and come up the escalator to the main shopping centre; but I would still have to be home.

And then the Building Manager mentioned that when the removalists came yesterday to remove the boxes they arrived an hour and a half before the time booked for the loading dock. They were booked in for the time when Grace said that they would be there. The BM is obviously starting to get a bit miffed at me but ...

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