Monday, August 29, 2011

Replenish Salt

"Replenish salt" is the catch-cry of my dishwasher. If that doesn't work it tries "Replenish rinse aid". I soothe it with a couple of OKs and it settles down and lets me use the three-in-one blocks. My refrigerator whistles at me if I leave the door open for too long and since it doesn't swing closed this happens quite often.

I have been in the new apartment for four weeks today and am gradually finding things and replacing things in more appropriate places and then forgetting where I put them but gradually it is all getting sorted out. It has become home but is not customised in the way my house was. Over the years I had got things just the way I liked them and i doubt if that will ever happen here; there is too much stuff built in. I am getting used to the microwave and no longer have to sit on the floor to work it but still have to bend over to put things in and out so, along with the very heavy doors to the service areas, I am going to have to stay fit.

I do like the gym though and spend about 45 minutes most mornings doing a workout and stretch. And I really like some of the shops; there is a shop which sells different varieties of tea and another one which sells coffee beans, chocolate, pulses and a very interesting selection of herbs and spices. If all else fails there is Farmer Jack which is open until late seven days per week and seems to sell just about everything except the blue cow-type cheeses so I might have to go back to the Boatshed Market for them ... and salmon.

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