Friday, August 19, 2011

My sister died this morning

My sister died early this morning (20th August in Australia) in a hospital in Victoria. After her usual fashion she had refused to admit to any family and Little Bro and I only found out that she was ill a couple of weeks ago. As it turns out, she was processed through three hospitals and it was only two days ago that I spoke to her nurse and her doctor. Her doctor said that she was not responding to treatment and that she was unlikely to recover. It was her friend in Mentone, rather than me or Little Bro who was told of her death.

I am not sad about her dying but I am very unhappy that we could never be friends; she didn't like me or any of my works and I gave up when she informed me that she had intended to sue me but that her lawyer had advised against it.

She lived her life the way she chose to, cutting herself off from her family and living as far away as she could. Perhaps I should have kept on trying but she had no intention of changing; that was her choice and eventually I decided to respect that choice.

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