Saturday, September 3, 2011

Oh, my paws and whiskers. :(

I contacted the Bombay Kitten breeder a couple of days ago because I worked out that the kittens I ordered would be about four weeks old, the age when I would be allowed to see them.

She emailed me back to say that the litter was born prematurely and they all died. She has two red Burmese females available and some Burmillas but I have my heart set on the little black ones so I will wait a while. She told me that she has two pregnant Bombay queens so hopefully I will get my kittens eventually; otherwise I will have to settle for Burmese, a breed which I love dearly - but not red ones and not two females, although two females might be easier to manage in an apartment.

I had my first lunch guests on Friday; Himself and Herself. The idea was that i would have my pictures up and herself and I would go and look at Persian rugs, leaving Himself to familiarize [sic] himself with Win 7. The picture rails are up but Second Wife and the Ex have gone overseas and she seems to have intimidated the picture person to the degree that he expected to wait until she got back before the great day of hanging.

So Herself and I went and explored the shops underneath here and when we got back Himself was having a postprandial power nap. If he gets stuck trying to teach Win7 I will be there to help if he can't work things out; I am still coming to terms with Win Live Mail myself so the two of us will muddle through somehow. Anyway - they are going overseas in a few weeks for him to receive his Doctorate from the University of Malta.

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