Friday, October 7, 2011

Addressing the address muddle

A notice has gone up in the little room with the garbage chute to say that all garbage must be properly bagged and gives the maximum dimensions of the bags which we are allowed to put down. It goes on to say that we must not use the chute for bottles, cardboard boxes (fair enough they should go into the recycling bins on level 4), kitty litter (so I will have to use the flushable sort when/if I get any cats) cigarette butts (not sure what the smokers are expected to do with the butts), flowers or plants (if properly bagged I can’t see a problem with those). So far it hasn’t mentioned vegetable peelings or meat trimmings which is about all which we are left with.

I sent in my ‘change of address’ form to the electoral office who phoned me back and told me that the Claremont Council said that I lived in Apartment 30, 2 Bovell Lane. *sigh*

I went downstairs and took a photograph of the letter boxes with the street name sign above it, printed it off and went across the road to the Council Office where a nice man called Peter is, hopefully, going to sort out the multiple addresses which I seem to be attracting; I now have four but the Post Office manages to deliver most of my mail to me. He also wants to stop the Services such as water and electricity from saying that we all live at 23 St Quentin Avenue; I don’t fancy his chances there.

He said that the Council has to go by what Landgate says our address is which is strange because when the title deeds were issued I phoned Landgate and was told that they had to abide by what the Council said.

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