Sunday, October 30, 2011

Moving Pictures

My pictures are up and I was surprised at how much space is left so I will be able to buy more at some stage if the mood moves me. I have been moving them around a bit and with the system used, they are very easy to move although my kitchen steps are not really high enough and it is a bit of a stretch.

Now that the spare bedroom is free of the pictures I have started to sort it all out. I have bought a new duvet cover and pillow cases in peacock colours. My peacock picture is in that room but the peacocks in the picture are very pale birds. The duvet cover is huge and acts as a bedspread which I am very pleased about. I imagine that the duvet itself needs to be carefully centred if the bed is used in winter; in summer the quilt on its own will be enough to keep my guests warm.

I am also starting to get my craft room into some sort of order and spent yesterday making a dust cover for my sewing machine so that it can sit out and ready. It has been a hassle to set it up so I have not used it very much for the last few years.

D2 and D3 are in Victoria at the moment. They went over for the weekend to look at a display of wedding gowns and Qantas grounded all its planes, stranding them. I gather that D3 is having a ball, doing all the things there which she has never had time to do. And they will be there for the Melbourne Cup as they have a booking to get back on Wednesday. The planes are up and flying again so they might manage to get a seat earlier but it is a great excuse to play and they may not want to come home.

Himself is in Rome and came online last night to ask me if I had his daughter's phone number or, better still , her email address. I had her phone number so I phoned her to get her email address. I was given a rather cool reception but that is understandable as it was past the time when I would phone anyone unless there was a death in the family and hopefully that is unlikely to happen in the near future.

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