Saturday, October 15, 2011

Some light on the subject of Halogen downlights

Our multiplex contact person sent me very detailed instructions to enable me to change the globes on the lights which are not working so I visited Coles, which I was sure carried the globes as there are a large number of apartments with a large number of halogen down lights. They cost about $1 each and I triumphantly carried them home.

It was easy enough getting them out once I knew that the whole unit had to be taken out in order to change the globes but very, very difficult to get the units back again; so I struggled for about an hour, standing on my fold-able kitchen steps and working over my head … and after all that effort, two of the lights were still not working, the one in the bathroom and the one in my study (which is the one which is really giving me problems as it is the one over my computer and I have a black keyboard so I have to use a lamp perched in my printer and the light shines into my eyes and annoys me.

So finally an electrician will be coming to see what the problem is and he can deal with the strip light to the vanity as I have no idea how to fix it and I am not sure which switch works it and the bathroom is too dark to work there without having a light on; it is at the back of the apartment with no windows.

Tomorrow my car is finally going to be serviced - only about ten months late. It has been on my conscience for ages but with so much else going on I have not got around to doing anything about it.

I have found a brand of incense which is not too sweet and which seems to work reasonably well to keep the flies at bay so I have ordered four packets of 20 sticks each, all different scents, and I’ll stock up on the ones which work the best although the plague of blowflies which came with the first warm day seems to have tapered off - or maybe the incense is really working as flyscreens will be difficult.

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