Friday, October 21, 2011

Lights again - until the next time

Yesterday morning when I turned on what was left of the bathroom lights there was a little sighing sound and all the lights in the apartment died. It wasn't the main switch which triggered this time but one labeled 'protected light'. I decided not to turn it on again but instead phoned the Multiplex
rep and said that I needed them to send an electrician ASAP as I didn't want to be in the dark all weekend - and half of the apartment is windowless.

So the electrician came, switched the protected light switch on again, asked if the switches to the bathroom had "always been like that" removed the plate and did something to the switches, replaced two transformers in the bathroom, turned the bathroom extractor fan up and connected the light over the vanity which had never actually been connected.

I asked him about changing to LED globes which he thinks is a good idea as the halogen globes generate a huge amount of heat and use quite a lot of power. If they are generating so much heat then high electricity consumption is understandable. The LEDs will cost but I will feel more comfortable with them and it seems that the halogens will be phased out in the future anyway. Their main advantages, as I see it, are instant bright light and I can buy replacement globes for about $1 each in Coles. The LEDs cost about $80 each and after the struggle I had to change the globes before, I am not about to change 40 of them so I'll get an electrician to do the lot. If I live for long enough they will pay for themselves as they last for a long time and use a lot less electricity.

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