Monday, October 17, 2011

Dressing for Claremont

When I shopped in Cottesloe, “old money” prevailed and no-one cared how anyone was dressed; bathers, gym clothes, gardening clothes or whatever.

When I moved to Claremont a couple of months ago I felt quite intimidated by the ‘smart young things’ and their mode of dressing; absurdly high heels with 5cm platform soles, short, short skirts or long flowing drapes and the multitude of dress shops in the centre reflected this. The summer stock is in the windows and there is nary a sleeve among any of the offerings displayed.

I have got over my initial shock and am back to what I feel comfortable in - although what I feel comfortable in has undergone a subtle change and I am pruning my wardrobe accordingly. The rub there is that the Claremont Council discourages charity bins so I will have to go back to Cottesloe to donate the things I feel are no longer suitable for my new lifestyle.

Hmmmm - what goes around comes around.

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