Monday, May 7, 2012


The electrician came last week to fix the blinking down-light in the kitchen.  He installed a new transformer and it seemed OK except that the globe was floppy and determined to direct its light in the wrong direction.  Then it started blinking again; not as badly but enough to be annoying.

And then another of the kitchen lights failed and although I thought that it was probably a globe I could not get the fitting out to change it  -  so I phoned the Multiplex rep and the electrician came again today.  The second light was just a globe as I suspected since it didn't blink, simply failed altogether but the blinking one was found to have a burnt-out connection, so it now has yet another transformer, and the electrician said that the connection which had burnt out was not necessary.  He removed it and tested the whole thing by plugging it into a power point.  Hopefully, that will be the end of it although Coles downstairs has run out of the sort of globes used in the lights here so I suspect that I am not the only one with problems.

I am getting a little bit concerned about Parsifal's figure and may have to limit the kittens' browsing.  Princess Poppy has a neat, slim figure and it would be a shame to deprive her of an occasional nibble.  Parsifal the Porky is certainly very active so perhaps he will grow into his figure the way he is starting to grow into his nose.  The top picture is Princess Poppy and the bottom one has Poppy on the left of the photo and Parsifal on the right. Click on the photos to enlarge them ...

Oldest best friend has been ill and is on the "Hospital at Home" programme which he says is working well.  It is certainly a better idea than sticking people in hospital for maintenance treatment.  Hopefully he will be up and about soon.  The ex has had bilateral knee arthroscopies and has been on crutches.  Been there and done that  -  the crutches, I mean  -  and it is very irritating. even with elbow crutches.  But he was always a bad patient so he is probably a bit hard to deal with at the moment.  Hopefully he will be back on his feet soonest.

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