Wednesday, May 2, 2012


Hibou is no longer having chemotherapy.  He was so ill after the last dose that D2 has decided to discontinue the treatment.  I thought that he was only to have six treatments but it was going to be 29 which is about six months of feeling awful.  Not a good prospect.

There were no internet clients today so I have been doing fun jobs like washing and sterilising the litter trays.  Parsifal looks longingly up at the kitchen bench but now knows that he is not supposed to get up there.  What he does when I am not around to see him is quite another matter but so far I haven't seen any little paw marks.

Poppy almost managed to turn on one of the bathroom taps yesterday.  She managed to move the lever up but not quite enough to release the water.

They are very good at bedtime and as soon as I make a move to turn out my light they put themselves to bed and only join me under the duvet in the early morning.

I gave up on waiting for the Multiplex rep to phone me back about the four non-functioning lights and did what she told me last time  -  contact the electrician direct.  So I did that and was told that 1) the warranty runs out tomorrow and 2) I could not contact them direct and that I had to go through Multiplex.  But they contacted Multiplex to find out if I was bona fide and Multiplex contacted me to say that the warranty is not due to run out just yet and that they would organise for  the lights to be fixed.  They haven't got back to me yet; hopefully they will not just turn up.

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