Wednesday, May 23, 2012

More weighty problems

I have just weighed the cats since they were both interested in sitting on my bathroom scales; Parsifal weighs 3.9 kilos and Poppy is 2.3 kilos.  Obviously, she is now much smaller than he is and I sometimes suspect that she has a bit of ragdoll blood in her.  She is very cuddly and goes quite floppy when I pick her up and she sort of folds up with all her feet in the air.  Parsifal likes to know what is going on from his higher position and even though he has now pretty well grown into his nose he still has the ears forward, wide-eyed look which makes him appear alert and ready to go.

We have a rubber ball crisis at the moment; he hides them and I have to go out and buy more.  On Mothers' Day the family all came over for lunch and the GBs searched the apartment and found quite a number of them but all but one have disappeared again.

Last Tuesday (15th) Himself and I attended a 'Technology Training Day' where people could roll up and ask about computers, bringing their own if they wanted to so that we could sort out problems they were having.  It was rather spoiled, I felt, by a man from Officeworks who had a microphone and gave a talk, which lasted over an hour, on the direction in which computers are heading  -  a bit advanced for someone who wanted to know how to clear her cookies.

Then he handed out iPads and proceeded to give a lesson by which time I had given up and fielded three women with basic questions to sort out.  I gather that a number of participants had come just to hear him and will suggest that next time he is given the floor all to himself and we do our thing on another day or in another room.

Our Lotto Lunches have been moved to Mondays and I am organizing this one, having to do the notifications this week.  Fridays were easier for that reason but Fridays no longer suit everyone and Mondays do.

It is Herself's birthday on Friday and the Selfs are having a party on Saturday.  Hopefully it should be fun.

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