Saturday, June 2, 2012

The End of the World as we Know it No.2

It had to happen eventually but I thought that it would be Princess Poppy who first managed to turn on a tap but this morning Parsifal hopped up onto the kitchen bench when I wasn't looking (he knows that he is not allowed up there) and pushed the tap lever and out came water.  I sincerely hope that he did it by accident and that the action and reaction do not connect in his tiny brain.

When I tried to put on my ugg boots this morning there was a rubber ball in each one.  I bought another six this last week and there are six this morning; there must be at least a dozen  -  plus two ping-pong balls hidden around the apartment but I am blessed if I can find them.  The grand-babies will probably be over next weekend so I will set them searching again like I did on Mothers' Day.

I have been nursing flu and bronchitis for the last week or so and canceled last Thursday's COTA class as i didn't think that it would be fair to my clients if I passed the lurgy on to them.

I have been filling in my time by trying to reorganise my rubber stamps.  I have a new set of drawers which are not quite big enough to hold what I have, not to mention the ones which D1 sent me and which still need to be varnished.  I'll put the old drawers in my storeroom and the spares plus various other odds and ends can be moved down there.  But that can wait until I feel a bit healthier and am back to exercising.

I had just started back at the gym when the lurgy struck and it will probably be another week before I feel that I can cope with the full 50 minutes.  And I had my flu vaccination ...

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