Thursday, August 9, 2012

Buttons and Bows

I looked into my wardrobe today and saw a tail.  When I removed its owner I found that he had been chewing my shoelaces yet again.  Luckily he hadn't managed to chew right through it so he hadn't swallowed any but I looked at my sad array of lace-up shoes with their rag-tag of macerated ties and realised that I either needed to keep them in a high cupboard or abandon laced shoes altogether.

I am a contributor on a board on which concerns itself with all things "cat" and at the moment there is a section on the odd places which cats choose to sit and as one of Parsifal's favourite places to sit is in the dishwasher I took a photo and posted it.  Here it is ...

Click on the picture to enlarge

It took the kittens a couple of days to settle down after their stint at boarding school.  Wherever I went I was confronted by two cats lying belly-up asking for tummy rubs.  They are back to normal now and I dared to cut their claws again this morning.  Parsifal is very good but Poppy is not so keen, poor baby; I do it anyway because I have leather couches and they pelt along the backs of them.  I have a repair kit but haven't used it yet.  My last girl-cat, Bast did more damage than these two, actually, and I need to patch up her damage.

I will be going to Sydney at the end of October for D1's birthday and hopefully back to Adelaide in early December but I would have to fly out on D2's birthday so I need to negotiate with her.  She might come too, of course; it is for a family reunion and it is high time that all the cousins started to get to know each other.

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